Aikido Mountain West delivers world-class aikido training in a safe and welcoming environment, through senior instructors' collaborative partnership. Together, our experienced instructors offer a contemporary approach to training in traditional Japanese martial arts and ways.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that focuses on ethical conflict resolution. Founded by Ueshiba, Morihei, aikido employs sweeping circular movements, joint manipulation, pressure points, sweeps, and throws; all in an effort to blend with the attacker's energy and leading it towards de-escalation. Aikido develops a calm and joyous spirit and promotes a host of health and wellness benefits.

What is Iaido?

Iaido is the art of traditional Japanese sword drawing. Originally the art of the quick-draw, iaido evolved into a form of moving meditation during Japan's renaissance. Known for its beauty, grace, and deadly efficiency, iaido develops a sense of focus and tranquility within its practitioners.

Why Train?

Aikido Mountain West was founded by a community of teachers who are passionate about developing a dojo where people feel connected, appreciated, and part of the family. Training at AMW will bring you joy as well as a host of health and wellness benefits.

Upcoming Events

November 1-3, 2019:
Seminar with Kayla Feder Sensei and Michele Simone Sensei
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